Making your own baby food #101

Let’s face it Purity & Hipp have some great baby food options, but if you have the time – then we urge you to make your own baby food. It’s really easy and far cheaper & healthy for your baby. Plus you can make it in bulk, fill up your freezer and have food for weeks!

Here are some tips:

-          Use ice block trays with a lid to freeze food, then once frozen you can take them out of the tray and pop the blocks into zip lock bags. Just take a few blocks out to defrost when needed.

-          If you would like to make sachets of food, we recommend the Infantino range – all machine-washable and freezer safe!
They have a great range of products that you can use to make your baby food – so easy to use and will make, making baby food a dream.

-          Stick to fresh fruit and veg, organic if you can

-          Boil the food and use the water you boiled it with to dilute and make the mixture runny

-          Don’t forget to add texture when they start getting older

-          When starting your baby on solids, always check with your paed about WHEN to start… It is not recommended before 6 months to start baby food. However, sometimes babies are hungry. So ask you Paed.

-          Use your gut, there are so many moms who swear by starting on veg, some that will never give their kids fruit and others that start with cereal first. Do what you want and what your baby likes! There are thousands of opinions out there and they all contradict each other… so we say, wing it!

Our favourite recipe mixes are:

-          Sweet potatoes, butternut and pumpkin mix – add some cinnamon if you want.

-          Spinach, green beans, & baby marrow – sounds like a boring mix, but something about combining them together makes them super delish

-          Chicken with Ina Paarmen stock – Yum! 

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