Let the Festive Season Shopping Begin!

With Christmas nearing and the never ending list-making begins, we have compiled a sweet list of things that every child should get over the holiday season. Of course, not every child is lucky enough to get a Christmas present, which is why we urge you to all sign up for Santa’s Shoebox! It is a great initiate whereby you select a child out of a list; buy them a Christmas present that fits into a shoebox. This Santa Shoebox project is for children that may not be as lucky as you or I are. Every child needs a bit of love! And yes, Babalove is signed up to do this too!

(Also, if you want to support the furry animals too – there are animal shoeboxes as well!)

Christmas ideas:

-          Something festive – such as a Santa or Snowman flashing toy, a gingerbread house to make, a naught & nice elf…

-          Something educational – a book is always a winner

-          Something creative – colouring in books, play dough, pencils and blank paper, paint sets

-          Something to wear – clothes are expensive, so why not wrap up something that they will love to wear…

-          Something yum – let’s face it, it’s the time of the year that everyone overindulges, get them some festive biscuits or sweets.. If you dare.

-          Something fun – ask them what they want, you may be surprised that its something small and affordable.




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The idea behind BabaLove came about as a result of two first time parents who wanted only the best for little boy and realised that there were no online South African services that provided everything you need for your child - in one place.