Hmmmm what I really think about self-heating warming bottles – Jules (our mom reviewer)

Babalove gave us an Iiamo Bottle (pink & purple as I have a little girl) and a box of heating cartridges to test out, which after trying I rated this product a 7/10.
Firstly, my daughter is of toddler years and is no longer obsessed with the temperature of her milk. 
Guaranteed if I tried this about a year ago, I would have rated this 10/10, if not an 11/10! It really does heat the bottle quickly and to the perfect temperature without any hassles – the biggest thing you have to do is put the heating cartridge in the bottom of the bottle and shake… super easy. It may even be quicker to use than boiling a kettle or using one of those milk heating devices.  Either way my daughter is no longer obsessed with warm milk so my stress about heating the milk has decreased. (maybe I blocked those crazy moments out of my mind?!)
do recall many a “freak outs”, requesting boiling water at a restaurant and downloading the electricity power app’s to make sure I could heat her milk, without her having a hungry melt-down. Had I had this then, life-saving stuff, I tell you.
The positives far outweigh the negatives but for negative’s sake – each cartridge can only be used once which means you need at least one box at home spare for any emergencies.
… And also the teat of the bottle. My daughter is now fine to drink out of different bottles. I can only think that a baby might be more selective and in that case, you might need to decant the warmed milk into their
preferred bottle. But that isn’t a deal-breaker in my books!
This is something I would recommend to any mom who is travelling, who has a child who is very sensitive to the temperature of milk. 
Thanks for reading this
(Mom to a 18 month old little girl) 
PS: the bottle is also durable. My daughter threw it across the kitchen (tiled-kitchen) and not even a crack! 
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