Nappy Rash Disasters of Note!!!

We have been quite lucky with using normal & general bum creams for our little boy without any nappy rash issues. Until recently…. I am not even sure what happened to cause the nappy rash, though I am quite convinced that the nappies we used (note, past tense) for him caused it. The more I read online, the more I see other moms complaining about the same brand changing the design and affecting (effecting!) their babies and toddlers. I even sent off some of the nappies to the supplier for testing. To be honest – worst customer service ever, I kept following up, got no responses after sending off the nappies to be tested. At R200+ for a pack of nappies – you can guess what brand that was! 
Anyway, I changed nappies and he started to improve, but shame… his bum was still red and raw, he cried whenever I changed him. I tried all the expensive creams, the powders, the recommendations from the pharmacies…. I tried it all. And yet nothing seemed to clear it up completely.
Then… drum roll, I used the Naturals Beauty bum cream which I had some of it left in our cupboard. And within one day I could see a massive improvement – the skin was less red, he cried less at nappy change… by day 2 it was gone, no more redness, no more blisters, no more pain! I was soooo impressed.
When I compared the ingredients of the Naturals Beauty Bum Cream to a few other store bought recommendations I was shocked to see a massive difference. The Naturals Beauty Bum Cream was: 
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Allergen-Free
  • Paraban-Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Phthalates-Free
It was no wonder that he reacted so well to this cream.
All the other creams where donated to the needy & I will only be using this going forward…. At R48 a tub, it really is a life saver! Seriously, do yourself a favour and try it.
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